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  " Wooden Mercedes " building company has organized own manufacture of a full cycle in republic Komi and republic Tatarstan.

We work without intermediaries and it allows us to reduce essentially terms of erection of houses and to supervise process of construction in current of all production cycle, and in case of need, operatively to consider the wishes and new ideas




Preparation of northern wood


We make all process of manufacturing of walls of the wooden house, preparation of wood and its processing, development of the project and direct erection of the house.  
" Wooden Mercedes " Company being guided by principles of beauty, advantage and durabilities creates houses from qualitative wood of northern wood. A choice of wood - the most important stage during construction of the wooden house. Therefore we use exclusively northern wood is a cedar and a larch from Irkutsk area and Krasnoyarsk region, and also a pine and a fur-tree from northern part of republic Komi.

Climate of northern areas severe and trees grow more slowly, therefore rings of wood more dense, and wood stronger, and durable. The bark is removed from a tree trunk by the special manual tool during processing. We leave the most important layer outside - "lamel", removing only the uppermost layer of wood. It is responsible for durability and durability of a log. After that the necessary form and the size is given to logs. Logs are marked, in them the longitudinal groove and "cup" is made.  

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