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" Wooden Mercedes " Company creates houses from qualitative wood of northern wood using principles of beauty, advantage and durability.
The coniferous breeds of a tree applied in construction, possess natural bactericidal properties. There Is a positive influence on an organism of the person.


The house is a warm center in the winter and cool harbour in the summer. It is pleasant to come back in the house as in a fertile oasis after a storm of daily stresses and problems.

All know about advantage of wooden houses with a natural microclimate. This decision is correct both from a practical point, and with aesthetically.

Heat conductivity of a tree considerably below, than concrete and a brick. Therefore in such house of winter is warmer, and in hot days is more cool, than in brick, and expenses for air-conditioning and heating below.

You remember as air sated is hard breathed by a moisture which is condensed on panel walls in the panel house after a bath or cooking, not getting further. More damp air from a room gets through times of a tree is condensed and leaves already in the form of a moisture wooden houses.
The house from high-quality wood emphasizes individuality, is the ideal house for the person reasonable, displays essence and principles of your outlook and a social status... It only some pluss of your house. You make a choice in favour of the future, choosing " a Wooden Mercedes " the company.

The comfort of the wooden house and its{his} charitable influence on an organism speaks a line of the reasons. First, wood "breathes", that is occurs intensive (in comparison with brick and concrete) gas exchange. There is a diffusion of air from an environment through times of a tree inside of a room due to a difference of temperatures inside and outside of rooms. Therefore in the wooden house it is always fresh and it is easily breathed. The toxins collecting in ability to live of the person, in the panel house causing weariness and an indisposition, and in the wooden house due to diffusion leave. You so easily feel yourselves in a log house.
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